• With the best combination of Multi-polar RF, Vacuum and Cavitation, effective for the reduction of cellulite and body reshaping management.
  • Multi-polar applicator target management for eye & neck lifting
  • Vacuum promotes lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, reduces the subcutaneous layer of the fat chamber
  • Powerful Cavitation, RF and Vacuum, are non-surgical combination to improve the comfort of pain-free care, creating a body contour and shape


  • Bipolar RF&LED RF:RF can generate heat in 5-10mm, increased intracellular oxygen diffusion by heat. Circulation promotes fat breakdown and metabolism, then promote the expansion and contraction of collagen fibers, at last let skin lifting.
  • Vacuum: it can promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, reduce subcutaneous fat, energize by suction, pomote oxygen levels in the blood, reduce the adhesion of fat cell, relax and massage the fascia, reduce the swelling.
  • Bipolar&Vacuum: radiofrequency light therapy, special suction system provides powerful vibration and dynamic effec, different pulses promote effective treatment, no pain, effecitive, safe.
  • Cavitation: the ultrasonic cavitation effect produces tiny bubbles, then burst, 38KHZ safety remove fat, using the special technology, bubbles burst strengthens hole effect.

Four applicators to fit a variety of body shapes and sizes, women or men


  • Wrinkle removal Skin tightening Skin lifting
  • Eyelid area treatment
  • Skin ssurface smooth
  • Body slimming Body shaping
  • Cellulite reduction Massage
  • Body circumference reduction



  • There are 3 different modes: Continued, Pulse, Super-Pulse, can adjust the different working mode according to client demands and feeling.
  • The handle process is more delicate, stick to the skin when you're doing treatment, patients will feel much more comfortable.
  • The material of the handle is made of more advanced lightweight, it is more convenient and easy for the operators.
  • Result much better, same treatment time, same clients, this device result much better according to our clinical treatment